Company Policies

Btree has been certified to:

  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO20000-1:2011


“BTREE” is short for “binary tree”. It is the synonym of efficiency and effectiveness, but it also means stability and duration, because in a technological area which is always in fast transformation, the “btree” has developed without ever being outdated, always updating in terms of power, speed and reliability.

Since 1999 our founding values are technological innovation, specialization of our competences, creativity and absence of compromises on the final result quality.

Our real mission is problem – solved solutions and whole technological services which lead to fulfil strategic objectives of our Clients. Our products, skills and integration capabilities are the raw materials to meet these goals.

The Company Management is always asking a continuos commitment and work activity by all to achieve:

  • high level of customer satisfaction by reaching all needs and expectations, ensuring, at first, that the contractual terms are met in accordance with current legislation, regulations, agreements and operational requirements of the service;
  • top level professionality and competence of staff, that have to promote constantly its involvement, training and researching the shared objectives;
  • full cooperation with the suppliers, in the belief that mutually beneficial relationships can improve the ability to create value for customers;
  • continuous improvement of management and operational processes, facing both the Clients and internal organization

Moreover, considering the nature of the activities of BTREE, the General Management sees as a duty and a priority to guarantee the security of information both internally and of its customers and suppliers as well as the protection of the principles of integrity, availability and confidentiality of data held.

For the above, the Executive Board has decided to implement an Integrated Management System based on the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI CEI ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2012, with the aim of offering its customers guarantees of an effective and efficient with particular regard to information security, thus maintaining a high level of data protection assigned to the Company itself.

To achieve these objectives, BTREE has specified in the documentation of the Integrated System the evaluation methods and criteria for risk management, assessing the economic investment that the implementation and maintenance of the management system may result.

BTREE also undertakes, in accordance with the statutory and regulatory requirements, to:

  • protect the credentials of access to their computer systems and their equipment from the users to corporate information is protected from unauthorized access while respecting confidentiality and are available to authorized users when they need it;
  • raise awareness of the personnel in the field of information security to ensure that the same information will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons as a result of deliberate actions or negligence and, with integrity, are safeguarded from unauthorized changes;
  • identify critical assets for the Company’s activities, information and sensitive data, internal or not, fundamental for the management of the system and its maintenance
  • analyze violations of information security and possible weaknesses;
  • implement a document management system that goes to pursue for the specified points of the standard, data security and business information, and structures used to preserve them.

The management, in order to operationalize the general outline of company policy expressed herein, emits every year the “Plan Corporate Objectives” that unfolds operational actions, expected results, responsibilities and resources allocated.

The Boardalso believing profoundly in these principles is committed to promote policies for Quality and Service Management assisted by the Management Representative.

The management undertakes to take steps to enable the managerial understanding and sharing the philosophy and procedures of the Integrated Management System by all staff and its effective and efficient implementation in accordance with the responsibilities of the corporate sector.

The Management monitors the actions laid out are properly implemented and is located appropriately at all times to ensure process control, performance and services provided in accordance with the commitments made and the expectations identified.

The Board, finally, undertakes to disseminate such policies to all internal and external resources, to customers and suppliers, and to evaluate periodically within the Management Review for adequacy and possibly review it.