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BTREE has a large experience in software solutions for health care, especially in the Diagnostical and Organizational fields.

We have offered complete solutions for the management of Analysis Laboratory, Warehouse, Maintenance, Shift Planning and Medical Physics, thanks to a long and solid experience on product supplies, consulting and services in sanitary area.

We carry out important projects “on the road” for the management and automation of diagnosis and care processes. We create complex software systems offering know-how, management ability and methodology.


HIDC: Hygienio Infection Disinfection Control

Btree and Hygienio have carried out HIDC, the integrated tracking system of Hygienio’s equipment, to manage each disinfection activity, with full control, monitoring and data analysis of infection prevention and risk reduction processes.

  • PH3 - Medical Physics

    Easy and smart navigation through all information related to equipment, devices, instruments, radioactive materials (sealed and not sealed), under risk personnel
  • MAIA - WMS

    Gestione razionale e flessibile dei magazzini dipartimentali presso le singole unità operative ospedaliere. Movimentazione rapida e flessibile e controllo di ogni magazzino.
  • Maint-Tree - Maintenance

    Integrated software for asset management, maintenance, spare parts inventory, quality controls, security, human resource data management
  • Duty-Tree - Shift Planning

    It enables optimized human resources scheduling with various employee qualifications while observing all relevant rules and guidelines, checking time recording
  • System Integration

    We aggregate different subsystems to deliver a whole uniform functionality. This challenge helps us to carry out complete solutions based on a modular approach.