Laboratori Analisi


The organizing implant layout of a Medical laboratory is the main step for the correct management of the asked streams, samples, and reports.

It is essential that the approach maintains the relationship between the edges and the laboratory, and between the laboratory and all the subjects with whom these normally interact:health booking reservation, territorial and hospital acceptance, divisions and so on.


In this area are determinant the solid experience and the capacity of analysis that the people of Btree have matured after years of work in hundreds of laboratories, a commitment and a professional growth that make our services at the top.


BTREE installs and handles the software connections with pre-analytic instruments such as Aliquots and instruments of Clinic Chemistry, Haematology, Coagulation, Urine, Bacteriology, Microbiology, Genetics and Cytogenesis, etc.

In this area we operate the synergy between our large experience and the completeness, the strength and versatility of DNLAB product, the departmental solution for the computerization of laboratory diagnosis.