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MT3 GDPR Special Edition

Full web software solution, available also in SaaS mode, enabling the management of the organizational and technical requirements to fulfill the new European law, the General Data Protection Regulation.  Our software makes easy the management of:

  • Data Processing Registers
  • Risk Analysis
  • Privacy Impact Analysis
  • Security Controls
  • Residual Impact Analysis
  • Audit and Improvement Plans
  • All Required Documents and Forms

MT3 GDPR Special Edition
MT3 GDPR Special Edition
MT3 GDPR Special Edition

MT3 GDPR Special Edition starts from the definition of the company organization and from the Data Processing Register, key element to map the data, the relative type, the modalities and purposes of the treatment.

For each data processing it is possible to analyze the real threats and the relative vulnerabilities that could jeopardize the integrity, confidentiality or availability of the information.

Thanks to the use of suitable indicators, it is possible to evaluate the impact and probability of any possible adverse event, apply the security controls and evaluate the mitigation effects.

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