Duty-Tree: Shift Planning

Duty-Tree enables electronic management of all employee master data, full absence management, optimised human resources scheduling with various employee qualifications while observing all relevant rules and guidelines (working hours laws), and time recording for all employees.




Duty-Tree is the best choice for human resources planning.

It’s built on a powerful calculation engine, with full configurable rules for total flexibility.

Duty-Tree: Shift Planning
Duty-Tree: Shift Planning
Duty-Tree: Shift Planning

Main Benefits

  1. Reduction of overtime hours
  2. No internal clashes
  3. Workforce optimization
  4. Cost reduction (management, calculation, approvals and control)
  5. Service level assurance and risk reduction, thanks to whole roles fulfillment
  6. Automatic Shift Planning
  7. Quick and easy modification of each roster
  8. Planning both by positions and skills based on variable duty requirements
  9. One-time data entry for different systems
  10. Real outcome monitoring system


Modular and widely configurable structure to deploy simple and at the same time precise and adequate solutions to the needs of every customer, small and large.

Clear and intuitive layout.

Automated Planning

Duty-Tree combines the classic preset matrices with its own automatic optimization engine, based on configurable rules, for the development and monitoring of shifts in compliance with all the rules, laws and company regulations, with a single mouse click.

Money and Time Saving

High time and money savings, thanks to the significant reduction in planning, management and control times, overtime and availability.

Full control of allocations, structures and standards, to guarantee fairness and transparency of processes.

Easy Integration

Duty-Tree can be easily integrated with IT systems already present in the company.

It can acquire the electronic recording of times, access control, clocking and absence, in addition to personal data, roles and skills of each employee.

Attendance & HR

Btree can provide whole solutions for clocking attendance, absence and Human Resource management.

The best solutions on the market are already integrated with Duty-Tree.

Management & Control

Check of activities assignment and of equal distribution of work.

Thanks to real-time alerts and configurable rules, it is able to avoid errors in setup and calculation.

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