Wave-Tree: WareHouse Management System

Full web software solution, available also in SaaS mode in the Cloud, for logistics and integrated warehouse management.

Wave-Tree is an essential component on the Supply Chain, with high integration capabilities.

In answers to the requirements of the Digital Transformation and of Industry 4.0: Wave-Tree easy enables multi-company and multi-site management, through an optimized and global view of  all inventories and material handling, inside complex and distributed organizations.



Wave-Tree gives you a powerful inventory and materials handling control inside local and remote warehouses, allows optimization of supply chain thanks, enables real-time information about the state and use condition of each item.

You may control and track lots, and you can have warnings when items are near expiration date.

The mobile module empower Wave-Tree on industrial PdA,industrial tablet and vehicular devices. You can enjoy the best of identification technologies, such as 1D or 2D barcodes, RFID, ultrasounds, etc. Wave-Tree can generate dedicated labels for you if needed.

Wave-Tree is a web-application, available also in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. The up to date technology of Wave-Tree enables easy integrations with corporate and legacy applications, and make it available on several platforms.


Affordable solution

Low TCO (total cost of ownsership

High reduction in fixed stocks

Handling and operation errors suppression

Removal of expired items duty

Strong operational costs reduction

Mobile ready

Barcode, RFID, ultrasound ready

Preventive check of item availability for each planned order or activity

Main Features

High integration capability (ERP systems, 3rd part systems, etc.)

Full warehouse locations management

Lot check and tracking

Due date management, with “near due date” alarms (via email, SMS or user interface)

Powerful real time inventory control

Third-part inventory management

Inventory planning, with alarms when reorder point or security level are reached

Needs conversion to transfer requests, order proposal, orders, etc.

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