HIDC: Hygienio Infection Disinfection Control

Btree and Hygienio have carried out HIDC, the integrated tracking system of Hygienio’s equipment, to manage each disinfection activity, with full control, monitoring and data analysis of infection prevention and risk reduction processes.

Hygienio is a company highly innovative in the filed of check and suppression of hospital infections, thanks to its revolutionary devices.


HIDC: Hygienio Infection Disinfection Control

Full tracking and operations management of Surfaces Disinfection

HIDC is the integrated tracking system for the full management of all disinfection phases and for control, monitoring and data analysis of the prevention process and the hospital infection suppression.


Hygienio equipment

Execution Location


Disinfectant, lot and quantity

Date-time of start/end and real duration


Data Analysis and Exploration to:

Control of the effective service coverage

(sanitized rooms / areas)

Setting control

(work/lead times and quantity of disinfectant used)


Data settings for each specific environment: intervention times, quantities and types of disinfection to be used.

Before start operation: display established settings for the selected area

At the end of the operation: real work time, total lead time and actual disinfectant consumption.


Full tracking of all operations by:

Data acquisition software

Prints of treatment reports


HIDC is a multi-company and multi-structure web solution for modelling and managing complex and articulate structures in a simple and flexible way.

It allows full traceability and control of location, machine, and asset management operations.


Advanced and in-depth data evaluation

Analysis of the operations performed

Reporting of activities and statistics

Managing costs, materials and intervention times.

Increase Security, Improve Productivity

Checks the surfaces disinfection operations in the different areas of the hospital

Verifies that the operating program, differentiated for different risk areas, is properly executed

Allows Management to check the conformity betwenn operational activities and the guidelines provided

Grants the Service Provider to verify the correct executions and to control operating costs

Simplifies the recording and analysis of data for activity evaluations for statistical and conformity purposes

Hospital Infection Suppression

Through the technological control of surfaces disinfection activities, HIDC
System provides immediate success in preventing and containing hospital
infections, optimizing operations, and reducing operating costs.


Stay Informed

More Information on equipment models, technology, patent, disinfectants, validation and so on in the Hygienio web site