System Integration

SystemIntegrationWe work on aggregation of different subsystems that cooperate to deliver a whole functionality. This challenge helps us to carry out complete solutions based on a modular approach.

Because systems or subsystems to be integrated may span different fields in software and hardware engineering, we offer a broad range of skills and breadth of knowledge.


Our SI methods are as follows:

  • Horizontal Integration: To create a unique infrastructure to interconnect all other subsystems, ensuring that there is only one interface between any subsystem and any may be replaced with another without affecting the others by using totally different data and interfaces. We reach this goal via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and this is our preferred way, rather than “Vertical Integration” (a very quick method only when involves a few vendors and developers), or  “Star Integration” (very complex and expensive because each subsystem is connected to multiple subsystems, with dedicated connectors).
  • Common Data Format: Helps the system avoid having the adapter convert to and from every application format. Systems using this method set a common or application-independent format, or they provide a service that does the transformation to or from one application into the common application.